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78Re: New file uploaded to king_quainton

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  • bagnva
    May 24, 2007
      -Good evening everyone, In answer to Andy's question I don't have
      documentation regarding John's first wife other than the fact that her
      first name is Sarah, there is nothing on IGI, so I think we are either
      stuck with the fact that she was from a different parish nearby the is
      not on IGI or that the records are missing. Sarah died 8 Aug 1787 in
      Quainton and John turned around the next year and married Betts George
      on 2 Mar 1788. Parish records do list him as a widow, so I would say
      this is the correct John.
      Valerie, Portland

      -- In king_quainton@..., "andyhyde2002" <andy@...> wrote:
      > Thanks Valerie for the file. Lots of usefull information. One question,
      > I had john Hughes married to a Sarah Lloyd but I have no source info so
      > I can't remember where I found it, however, the will says John's wife
      > was Bett. Do we know who it was?
      > Andy
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