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  • ...google.no/maps?q=S33%C2%B0+23.468%27+E138%C2%B0+25.988%27&hl=no&ie=UTF8&sll=59.752151,10.834264&sspn=0.037097,0.115013&t=h&z=17 Andy
    andy@... Feb 5, 2015
  • Very lapse of me but it is time I wrote a few lines after our trip to Australia with several King activities. We started in Perth where we were met at the airport by Jenni Ibrahim, a descendent of Edward King and Ann Layton. A few days later we attended a picknic in where else other than King's Park in Perth where Jenni had invited lots of Kings for an informal get together. We...
    Andy Jul 21, 2013
  • ...Maria King (nee Hunt, widow of Charles Edward King), Joseph King, Emma King (married Samuel Harold Quin 1896), Ginger the dog.] Andy
    Andy Jul 13, 2012
  • ...be visiting (distance is relative!). We hope to meet up with distant relatives in both Perth and Adelaide. All the best for 2012 Andy Hyde
    Andy Jan 18, 2012
  • ...building connection I for one would be interested in any information or stories you have as I think I am missing a great deal. Andy Hyde Langhus, Norway --- In king_quainton@^$1, "mairharding" wrote: > > Hi Everyone! > > I'm new to the group so I'm catching up...
    Andy Feb 15, 2010
  • ...Schizofrenic trying to do two King lines together. Of course I hope they meet at the top but there is no sign they will at the moment. Andy Fra: king_quainton@^$1 [mailto:king_quainton@^$2] På vegne av Jenni Ibrahim Sendt: 27. januar 2010 15:38 Til: king_quainton...
    Andy Hyde Feb 2, 2010
  • ...as Antony's first son is Edward and he has a daughter Alice. I'm waiting for a reply and also for her to open her tree for me. Andy p.s. I'll send this to the Group too to see if you get it and also for the others...
    Andy Nov 26, 2009
  • ...clarification, if so let the group know, we'll be glad to help? Even better if you have something new please feel free to share it. Andy
    Andy Nov 9, 2009
  • ...the best from a now much colder Norway, Thurday it was only 5 deg. C when I went to work!, and it is still supposed to be summer. Andy Fra: king_quainton@^$1 [mailto:king_quainton@^$2] På vegne av Michael Ross Sendt: 15. august 2009 17:13 Til: king_quainton@^$3...
    Andy Hyde Aug 15, 2009
  • ...where one of them William King (1789 Winslow) married Sally Layton (1802 Quainton) in Quainton and ran the villiage grocers shop. Andy Hyde KingRing moderator
    andyhyde2002 Jun 27, 2009