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Sands, Baby Blankets

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  • katcaf1985
    Hello everyone, I received an email today from Catherine Swain who would like to thank Doreen and Joyce for the three beautiful knitted baby blankets that you
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 24, 2009
      Hello everyone, I received an email today from Catherine Swain who would like to thank Doreen and Joyce for the three beautiful knitted baby blankets that you sent them for their Sands Always Loved, never Forgotten Memory Boxes, they were very much appreciated. She kindly attached to the email information about the content of the memory boxes and how they help bereaved parents. The information follows but if anyone would like a copy of the attachment forwarding on to them with the beautiful picture of a memory box then please email me.

      Information about Always Loved, Never Forgotten Memory Boxes

      When a person dies we want to remember them and we have a store of shared experiences.

      When a baby dies there are few memories and almost none that can be shared with others.

      Our Precious Memory boxes can help parents create some tangible memories. Parents can put their baby's special things in at the hospital to bring home.

      Nothing can take away the pain, but parents have told us that there is some comfort in being given one of these boxes.

      "We have a box to keep all of her special things in. Each year on her anniversary I always go through them looking at her photos and reading the cards that everyone sent. This box is so precious to us; after all it is all I have to show for her short life."

      Our Precious Memory boxes contain:

      A hand knitted blanket
      This can be used to wrap their baby in, or to lay over them. Parents might choose for their baby to be buried or cremated with it or may choose to keep it.

      A camera
      Although parents may feel unsure about taking photos at such a distressing time, many families have told us how much comfort they can bring in years to come.

      Two teddies
      One is for the family to take home and the other to stay with their baby if they wish.

      Always Loved Never Forgotten Card
      This handmade card can be kept as an acknowledgement to their baby or they might choose to write a message which goes with their baby.

      Always Loved Never Forgotten box
      This small box can be used for a lock of hair or the identification bracelet.

      2 Butterfly Poem Cards
      The Sands helpline number is on the reverse of these cards. Their size is ideal for them to be kept in a wallet or purse.

      Support for You leaflet
      The support and services offered by Sands is outlined in this leaflet

      We are able to provide these boxes to hospitals either directly or through local Sands Groups. They cost in the region of £15 to provide.

      If you would like to sponsor a box or purchase boxes for your local hospital or Sands Group please contact Sue Hale on 0845 6520 443 or sue.hale@.... They are also available to purchase through our shop at www.uk-sands.org/Shop.

      If you are a health professional caring for bereaved families you may find Chapter 12, After a Loss within our `Pregnancy Loss and the Death of a Baby : Guidelines for Professionals' a useful reference.

      About Sands
      Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity was founded in 1978.It was set up by a small group of bereaved parents devastated by the death of their babies and in particular by what they felt at the time was a complete lack of acknowledgement and understanding of the significance and impact of their loss.

      Incredibly in the UK today, in spite of medical advances, many parents continue to have their lives turned upside down by the death of their baby. 17 babies a day are stillborn or die within the first twenty eight days of life.

      At Sands our mission is to:
      • support anyone affected by the death of a baby;
      • work with health professionals to improve the quality of care and services provided to bereaved parents and their families;
      • promote changes in antenatal practice and fund research that could help to reduce the loss of babies' lives.

      Please see the knitlincs blog. http://knitlincs.blogspot.com

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