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Mar 2, 2013

New Web Site for London Board Games Club!

Just realized that this group looks like LBGC has been abandoned! However, he Club is still going strong, it has a new web site - check out
Bob Jones
Feb 18, 2012

Perikles Game 10 of 11 April 2010

Perikles Game 10 of 11 April 2010 Last Sunday we played Perikles, for the first time in nearly a year. 5 of us. First-time-player TobyT won, with other
Apr 13, 2010

Re: Team RoboRally result of Game 29 of 28/3/2010

The league tables have been updated with these results, which see Josep leab back to a 3rd place in the Eternal league, and Toby T jump up 14 places to 15th!
Apr 5, 2010

Team RoboRally result of Game 29 of 28/3/2010

Game 29 of 28 March 2010 (Game 5 of 2010 season) This game was picked when we had an hour left at the end, and was started in theory as just a friendly,
Apr 4, 2010

Re: Team Roborally result of Game 28 of 21/3/10

Hi Allan Regarding your experiment, I have just received this email on my Blackberry phone and I can see both of the tables, so well done! What is not so
Apr 3, 2010

Re: Team Roborally result of Game 28 of 21/3/10

Interesting game! I have updated the league tables, and with everyone on the winning side gaining 7 points, the result is quite a lot of movement. The biggest
Apr 3, 2010

Re: Team Roborally result of Game 28 of 21/3/10

Sounds like a goodie...BobR is starting to show how important captaincy is in this sport at the highest levels, leading his team to two straight
Stuart Faulds
Mar 22, 2010

Team Roborally result of Game 28 of 21/3/10

Game 28 of 21 March 2010 (Game 4 of 2010 season) Another interesting classic! AndrewM's team of AndrewM, DaveB and RichardB (12, 13 and 21 in League) vs
Mar 22, 2010

Re: Team Roborally result of Game 27 of 16/3/10

I am sorry I missed this session - sounds epic! My work-life balance clearly isn't tuned correctly... I have updated the league table for 2010 and the
    Allan Mertner
    Mar 20, 2010
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    Team Roborally result of Game 27 of 16/3/10

    TomR causes StuartF's robot a right pain in the rear-inspection plate! Of the 7 due, there was one off-sick and one no-show. So up stepped the super-sub, my
    Mar 18, 2010

    Hello from Gianni

    Hello! A few of you have met me last Sunday, a few of you will surely meet me in the future. I'm an Italian guy who moved to London at the beginning of January
    Gianni Ceccarelli
    Feb 20, 2010

    Re: Introducing myself

    Hello Henrik I am Dave and I have been a member of the London Board Games Club for several years. May I take this opportunity to welcome you to our club. We
    David Bullions
    Feb 17, 2010

    Introducing myself

    Hello everyone, I wanted to say Hi to everyone. I have yet to come down to the club. I could not make it the last few times Bob had been so kind to invite me
    Feb 17, 2010

    Re: Team RoboRally results for Game 26, 14 Feb 2010, second game of

    CORRECTION! After I posted the latest results, someone asked why the 2010 results looked like they did - and in asking that question uncovered a bug in my
    Feb 16, 2010
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