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14My Session Report - 30th Dec - Ticket to Ride / Labyrinth

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  • George Young
    Dec 31, 2005
      Hi All,

      First of all - HAPPY NEW YEAR

      Well enjoyed the session yesterday, trying Labyrinth (Bobs 20 year
      creation) for the first time and playing Ticket To Ride (Days of
      Wonder) again.

      Ticket to Ride
      I'm always pleased to play this game as I find it a relaxing time
      with a basic amount of strategy involved. Everyone seemed to pick up
      the game quickly but I think it was a little to basic for everyone's

      Great family game so if you considering getting Monopoly out please
      give this a go instead (of course if you have a copy).

      Personally in the category this game covers, Gateway/Family Game I
      rate it an 8.

      Well this was a first for two of us and an experience, Bob created
      this game 20 years ago before many of the new Eurogame mechanics hit
      the market, and I must say its quite a ride.

      The game is based on the Dungeon Crawl Premis but with a significant
      difference which took me back when I first started, that is you
      done "Look" to fight the Creatures but "Run" instead.

      The game has a tile laying mechanism which means the configuration
      of the Dungeon will change from game to game and offers a random
      element which can help, hinder or change your plans as you move and
      reveal new areas. I found this to be a great system that helped to
      improve the journey experience that players felt moving through the

      In addition to the tile mechanism Bob has created Weapons, Armour,
      Potions and Magic Items that help you in your adventure. These can
      be anything from Steal and Item to Move or Reveal a Creature.

      Ahh! Yes let me get back to the running mechanic. Well you run
      because most of the Creatures are a little stronger than you which
      could cause you character to loose stats if he gets hit. The reason
      you are running is to collect items like "The Key" which is
      essentially for obtaining "The Crown". And "The Crown" is essential
      to winning the game as when you have obtained one through collecton,
      theft or death you kill "One Creature" and you have Won.

      There are many other rules to the game and can become very
      bewildering to the first time player (like me) BUT they really do
      add a superb element of strategy and cunning. I'll let Bob explain
      them to you all if you ever get the chance to play this game.

      Overall I was very impressed, the game evidentially has had allot of
      time and patients put into it as I did not find ANY imbalances, and
      in my experience you do.

      My final score has to be 9, it's a VERY enjoyable experience.

      PS: Don't tell Bob but we let him Win being the Host.