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213Struggle of Empires

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  • Neil Parker
    Feb 5, 2007
      We played this last week and despite a poor first war which ended my
      hopes of a win, i thoroughly enjoyed this game. Essentially, this is a
      game of area control. You score victory points by having control in
      various colonies. Some colonies like the German and Mediterranean
      states are worth more compared to others eg the Americas, with India a
      good example of a valuable mid-range colony overseas. There is a good
      choice of action tiles to collect ranging from income generators and
      allies to special abilities. Unlike Conquest of Empires where i thought
      two actions were just not quite enough, i thought it worked well with
      SoE, given you get to tap cards for other effective actions. It is
      clear that combat is expensive so there is a need to be prudent with
      your wars, especially given the cost if you start losing armies. Having
      two actions though means you have hard choices. Clearly there are
      nuances we didn't fully see in game one, but then its a classic example
      of a game where game one tends to be about getting to grips with the
      rules. Definitely willing to play it again and hopefully with more