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214Re: [lbgc] Twilight Imperium 3 - March Session TBC

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  • Allan Mertner
    Feb 5, 2007
      Hi George,

      Assuming the date works, I'm definitely also game for this! The only
      reason why I didn't sign up earlier is that Yahoo kept rejecting my
      messages (for reasons I have now sorted out :)

      > So far we have 6 players signed up for a future game of TI3 but I
      > would like to add a few more as we may not all be able to make the
      > first session. The game takes some 5 to 6 hours to play from reading
      > the articles on BGG but seems to have enough to keep the players
      > focused.
      > Considering TI3 is rated 27 in the top 50 of BGG and has over 1600+
      > ratings it has to be played, hopefully the game will live up to its
      > reputation and will be worth scheduling a few times per year.
      > If you not sure or do not know much about this epic game I suggest
      > you look on BGG and follow this link for a game overview
      > http://www.preeminent.org/steve/games/ti3/ti3demo/
      > The game will be played with changes from the new Shattered Empire
      > expansion that fixes many of the past issues.
      > Members who have signed up for a future session.
      > --- George Young
      > --- Dave Bullion
      > --- Neil Parker
      > --- Marty Moller
      > --- Keith Dowsett
      > --- Karl S. Green
      > How can we call ourselves games if we don't give this monster a
      > chance……
      > Roll up, Roll up… sign your lives to TI3
      > Date to be Confirmed for March 2007
      > Yahoo! Groups Links
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