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22Re: [lbgc] Your favourite games ...

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  • Stuart Faulds
    10 Jan 09:08

      Top 5(as of today, no specific ordering to be
      Republic of Rome
      Fortress America

      Most Wanted to Try
      Die Macher
      Twilight Imperium(3rd edition)


      --- "Founder." <bobroscow@...> wrote:

      > OK, to give us something else to post about, what
      > are your favourite
      > games, everybody?
      > None of this guff about it depends who'd be playing.
      > Imagine you had
      > the people you want, the numbers you choose, and the
      > right amount of
      > time. Which 4 or 5 games would be the ones you'd
      > most want to play?
      > Only from those games you know already. OK, you can
      > also say which 1
      > or 2 games that you haven't played that you would
      > most like to try
      > next.
      > When a few have answered, I'll tell members to go
      > look at the lists
      > and register.
      > Bob

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