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247Re: Digest Number 86

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    Feb 21, 2007
      Keith, you say you might buy another set of TI3 for our "event" on
      Sun 4th March...

      Allan said the same ... in fact he said he WOULD be buying a set. So
      no need for BOTH of you to take the hit on wallet and shelf-space!

      So, talk to each other. I don't know whether Allan has already
      bought/ordered it.

      If you want to "toss for it", I have a fun, game-like, way of tossing
      for it... Each of you privately emails me a number, not cc'd to the
      other. Any number you like. I add the two numbers. If it ends up
      even, Allan buys it; if it ends up odd, Keith buys it. Clever, huh?!


      --- In lbgc@..., "Keith Dowsett" <keithdowsett@...>
      > Hi Bob,
      > While six is the ideal number for TI3 it should work with five too.
      So even
      > with eleven of us two games is an option.
      > I've got no real problem buying another set if we need it, though
      my games
      > cupboard is getting a bit full.
      > Keith
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