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249RE: [lbgc] musings on new board game idea

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  • David Bullions
    Feb 22, 2007
      I think you might be onto something - False Beards !!! (So obvious when you
      think about it).
      Forget about everything else - Give me a game with false beards. I can't
      wait ;-)

      >From: "Neil Parker" <welfarerights@...>
      >Reply-To: lbgc@...
      >To: lbgc@...
      >Subject: [lbgc] musings on new board game idea
      >Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 08:35:22 -0000
      >Secret agents and spies - i'm intrigued already. I guess 1. what era?
      >pre-world war one a la 39 Steps - i quite like this as it avoids the
      >computer age and gadgets - basically a false beard and personality era,
      >or cold war in Europe - equally good. 2. standard board game or card
      >based or board based with card driven features? Based on map of UK,
      >Europe, World, other country? Players travel between major cities or
      >other significant sites. 3. no. of players? 4. Basic plot? Hunt the
      >enemy, find the item and take out the enemy. A player/team could have
      >open and secret objectives. An open objective could be the main thrust
      >of a game with competing agents trying to eg kill Mr Big, stop
      >Spectre/Smersh/whatever achieving its objective with added objective for
      >each player - which could include extra victory points for taking out
      >the competition. One thing i would avoid is old style movement games ie
      >hunt for an item rolling d6 for movement. Something a bit more dynamic
      >would prove better - maybe each turn players play a card for their
      >strategy and this determines/boosts/hinders their movement which could
      >be a standard statistic. 5. Other hidden aspects. I love the idea that
      >a player may not actually know who else is who in the game and they have
      >to take a chance. Is that player your friendly French contact or the
      >Prussian assassin?
      >Just some opening thoughts.
      >--- In lbgc@..., "Founder." <bobroscow@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > I love the idea. I think that inventing games, and also making massive
      > > tweaks to existing games, add a big dimension to your interest in the
      > > hobby. It doubles the interest. You get a double-kick out of trying
      > > out your game-idea, playing, and watching to see how it works.
      > >
      > > Shall I try to kick this off? I've invented about 30 games, about 8 of
      > > them good IMHO. And, as I said to last Sunday's folk, I have long
      > > wanted to invent a game based around the theme of secret agents. Maybe
      > > it's Casablanca in 1940, maybe it's Berlin in 1960. I have this vision
      > > of 5 players not knowing which others are with them and which against
      > > them. And you "take out" an enemy agent either by death (pretty
      > > final!), or by capture, for deal-making, or by injury (out for a
      > >
      > > I did a couple of versions but was never happy with them. Maybe this
      > > could be the first theme/ half-idea that we work on together? Anyone
      > > any good ideas for some interesting mechanics in it?
      > >
      > > Cheers,
      > > Bob

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