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250Re: [lbgc] Re: Digest Number 86

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  • Allan Mertner
    Feb 22, 2007
      I have indeed bought a copy of both TI3 and of the SE extension - just
      waiting for the post to deliver. Hopefully in time for me to get all of
      the little fiddly bits out :)

      At least we should be in a position to play TI3 when we want to. I just
      hope it'll be more than once :)

      Very clever mechanism, btw - we must use it one day!


      > Keith, you say you might buy another set of TI3 for our "event" on
      > Sun 4th March...
      > Allan said the same ... in fact he said he WOULD be buying a set. So
      > no need for BOTH of you to take the hit on wallet and shelf-space!
      > So, talk to each other. I don't know whether Allan has already
      > bought/ordered it.
      > If you want to "toss for it", I have a fun, game-like, way of tossing
      > for it... Each of you privately emails me a number, not cc'd to the
      > other. Any number you like. I add the two numbers. If it ends up
      > even, Allan buys it; if it ends up odd, Keith buys it. Clever, huh?!
      > Cheers,
      > Bob
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