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322Re: Education Games for Children

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  • Neil Parker
    Aug 12, 2007
      Interesting question George.

      The younger of my two nieces aged 7 and my nephew aged 8 are
      interested in playing games - and its my niece who's more focused and
      apt for gaming as she's interested in learning rules.

      I gave them 'Into the Forest' and Escape from Atlantis which they
      both enjoyed and got to grips with fairly easy. My niece ended up
      teaching the rules to my nephew. I've since given them Heroscape but
      thats been more difficult especially as i didn't have the time to
      take them through the game last time i saw them.

      Into the forest is designed as a educational game anyway about
      nature's food chain - game is elementary.


      --- In lbgc@..., "George Young" <george.young9@...>
      > Say you have a Son/Daughter around 8 years of age and you want to
      > them all about social gaming but with an educational value.
      > What games have you played that offer educational value and what
      > fields do you feel the game would cover?
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