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324RE: [lbgc] Re: Education Games for Children

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  • David Bullions
    Aug 14, 2007
      Hello Marty,
      I can only tell you of my experience. Others people might have a different experience.
      I have two step-children. They are both now adults in their late teens (my step-daughter) or early twenties (my step-son). I came into their lives when they were young (about 8 & 5 years old). I got them playing some games at around that time and they quite enjoyed it (my son more than my daughter). They were playing quite simple games such as Risk. The were already used to playing Rummy-type card games with their grandmother, so they were already used to playing games. As the years went by, their interests changed and they drifted away from board games. We still play one or two at Christmas, but thats about it (one of my reasons for joining this club, really. It lets me get my "fix"). My daughter now lives with her boyfriend and we don't see much of her nowadays. My son is very active with sports. He plays Badminton & Five-a-side football during the week. He plays eleven-a-side sunday league football at the weekend. He also goes jogging. So getting around a table to play board games - fat chance !
      But thats the trouble with children, they have an annoying habit of growing up. They are only young once, so enjoy it while you can. But let them grow up as well. Support them in whatever they decide to do with their lives. And have fun !!

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      > My daughter is 17 months old, and I'm counting the weeks until she's able to play the simplest of games and I can start her indoctrination, sorry introduction, to boardgames. I reckon about 3 years or so would be about right. Any other mothers or fathers at LBGC with experience in this matter?
      > There's a fairly comprehensive BGG meta list of games for kids of all ages available here .

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