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333Struggle of Empires - house rule

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  • Neil Parker
    Sep 11, 2007

      After another excellent game of SoE, i think there was consensus to adopt a house rule for moving units within Europe.

      House rule:  a) Unrestricted placement of newly built units within Europe, including navies in the Atlantic/Med. b) unrestricted movement of units during move action within Europe. Thus there is no bonus/penalty for playing a specific nation.

      Martin Wallace did give a rationale behind the movement rules but arguably this still gave an unfair advantage to some nations. Otherwise after 4 plays I would consider the game fairly well balanced.

      Another good game seeing two new players to the game in Keith and Marty. Personally, i missed out on top spot by one point, grrr. Very enjoyable game though :).  Well done to all, especially Andrew and Josep who shared the top spot. 

      Also note there are the SoE FAQs in the file section and the SoE poll.