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335Re: Struggle of Empires - house rule.

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    Sep 11, 2007
      It was a great game. I agree with Neil on the HouseRule of "NEW
      units can arrive anywhere in Europe". Bringing armies BACK from the
      colonies would need a fleet in the relevant adjacent sea area.

      There's another House-rule, or House-interpretation-of-unclear-rule
      that I'd suggest:
      When there's combat, and one side has any army(ies) present and the
      other has NO armies, then Army Training cards are completely ignored
      for the side that has no army there to benefit from it. On Sunday,
      Josep with an army and ONE Army Training attacked me with no armies
      and 2 Army Training; the table decided that therefore neither got
      the advan of Army training, which was in my favour; despite the fact
      that I said Josep SHOULD get the Army Training bonus, and I
      shouldn't, because I had no army to benefit from having been trained,
      doubly-trained, or not! --- In lbgc@..., "Keith
      Dowsett" <keithdowsett@...> wrote:
      > Hi Neil,
      > I think the disadvantage could also be ameliorated by allowing
      placement by
      > sea in much the same way as for the colonies. So a navy in the
      > could deliver armies to any bordering region. I'd suggest this is
      much more
      > in keeping with the design of the game than armies appearing from
      > Just a thought,
      > Keith
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