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353An ongoing league in the club ...

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    Dec 14, 2007
      I've been on the look-out for a game that we could elevate into a
      game that we at LBGC play fairly often and can have a league and
      ratings on.

      It would be an extra bit of cement, ongoing, and could raise the
      importance of this site for our members, as the place where the
      league-table sits.

      I've deliberately avoided any kind of "overall" league-table across
      all games we play. People come and go, leaving London etc. And the
      games are so various, some with more skill and some with more luck.
      And your approach to each game varies - try hard or just play for
      fun and excitement.

      So, I STILL don't want us to create a table or record across various

      But doing so on just one or two games could be fun, valid, and

      I was looking out for one. Perikles has come along, which the 6 of
      us who have played it seem to like a lot. I suspect we will play it
      fairly often ...

      So, let's start a league-table, ongoing, just for Perikles? It
      doesn't matter that we won't play it EVERY session. The ongoing
      league table can be slow-burn, only slowly added to, a long-term
      thing, as a background interest, ongoing, for us just meeting up and
      playing what's on the table.

      My mind is buzzing with formulae for keeping track of it and working
      out a table that gets updated (here). Gimme 30 mins, and a separate

      But Perikles need not be the ONLY "league table" ... It would be nice
      to have several players topping different charts, across a variety of
      games. But not TOO many; and it had better be a game we will play
      more than once or twice per year ...

      OK, I'm about to go away and invent a points system and league table
      for Perikles. I'll post it when I think I've cracked it.

      Meanwhile, should we accompany it with one OTHER game-league-table?
      So that Perikles is not is not the ONLY one, no special status?

      An obvious candidate would be ... er ... Team RoboRally? We play it
      quite often. It's a fun icebreaker, full of hilarity, not serious.
      This might be the ideal counterbalance to Perikles, because there are
      huge slices of luck as to whether you achieve a win, via your team,
      even after you screwed up or got unlucky and were scrapped and out of
      the game ... It still might be fun to total and report who has won
      (been on the winning team) more often? Just for fun and banter.

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