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  • Neil Parker
    Dec 19, 2007
      Although i'm not in favour of league tables for the sake of it, i think
      one for Perikles sounds good. I'm not sure you need to give a bonus to a
      new player unless they are the only one. New players to a particular
      game can do quite well, depends on the game and some players do read up
      on the rules beforehand - i sometimes do which gives you familiarity. I
      do favour some method of averaging points for position by games played,
      with ties settled by games played to encourage participation. Overall
      the league ought to be recording points awarded rather than percentage
      of success, so one game won means 5 or 6 points and not a 100% rating.

      Other games, well i don't like Formula De but it does strike me as a
      game suited for league play - escept for the length? Interestingly, i
      was thinking about a TI3 league yesterday but it is a long game that
      needs special consideration and its not likely to get played more than
      twice a year (thats me being optimistic).

      Struggle of Empires and Imperial are two other games than have been
      played frequently at the club and are likely to get 2-3 plays each next
      year - i think both would be suited to a league. One thing that goes in
      favour of Perikles - its simple in essence to learn but it has a depth
      that makes it rewarding.
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