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    27 Dec 14:11
      Well, my humble opinion is: the league WILL indeed record your total
      of points awarded so far, but the question is what ORDER you then
      appear in the table, just for motivation and bragging rights and
      banter. If the leugue position were ONLY based on points won, then
      frequent players would be unassailable. (And, by definition as host,
      I tend to be here most often!). So there has to be SOME kind of
      averaging, or, rather, a balance between points and averaging, such
      that a less frequent player, or a new player a year from now, stands
      a chance of climbing the chart.

      Let's not get the bonus for your first game out of proportion! In
      the long run (max once per player), it will make very little
      difference; it will just help enthuse the new triallists and give
      them a one-off small leg-up.


      --- In lbgc@..., "Neil Parker" <welfarerights@...>
      > Although i'm not in favour of league tables for the sake of it, i
      > one for Perikles sounds good. I'm not sure you need to give a bonus
      to a
      > new player unless they are the only one. New players to a particular
      > game can do quite well, depends on the game and some players do
      read up
      > on the rules beforehand - i sometimes do which gives you
      familiarity. I
      > do favour some method of averaging points for position by games
      > with ties settled by games played to encourage participation.
      > the league ought to be recording points awarded rather than
      > of success, so one game won means 5 or 6 points and not a 100%
      > Other games, well i don't like Formula De but it does strike me as a
      > game suited for league play - escept for the length? Interestingly,
      > was thinking about a TI3 league yesterday but it is a long game that
      > needs special consideration and its not likely to get played more
      > twice a year (thats me being optimistic).
      > Struggle of Empires and Imperial are two other games than have been
      > played frequently at the club and are likely to get 2-3 plays each
      > year - i think both would be suited to a league. One thing that
      goes in
      > favour of Perikles - its simple in essence to learn but it has a
      > that makes it rewarding.
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