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371LBGC awards 2007

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  • Neil Parker
    Dec 31, 2007

      Ok chaps. Here's an idea. Lets vote for our favourite games for the past year.

      Each member gets to nominate five candidates in each of four categories -

      a) Game of the Year (can be any game played);

      b) Best new game (published or released in 2007);

      c) Best game mechanic; and

      d) Best filler.

      To be eligible for a nomination, by any member, a game must have been played at least once at the club in 2007. It doesn't matter if a nominating member hasn't played that game or has played it outside the club as long as the club has played it.

      When i have more time i'll post the details of voting but to begin with for the first 2 weeks in Jan, i'm looking for nominations for voting only.  Any member interested can email me with up to 5 nominations for each category.

      I'll then collate the nominations and post the results of the top 5 nominations in each category in readiness for the vote stage - details on voting will follow as identified.

      To give you all a reminder of some of the games the club has played here is an aide memoire (in no particular order):

      Twilight Imperium 3, Struggle of Empires, Age of Steam, Railroad Tycoon, Perikles, Container, Brass, Hamburgum, Condottiere, Cash and Guns, Arkham Horror, Combat Commander and Imperial - please feel free to advertise any other games we have played to ensure members are aware of the options.  I cant remember if Fury of Dracula, Werewolf and Diamant have been played this year or not.

      To get you thinking on mechanics i'll give you an idea: TI3 strategy cards, Imperial's Rondel, Struggle of Empires' alliance auction, Perikles' nomination/election phase, Combat Commander's card selection, Arkham Horror's stat sliders and Container's scoring system.

      Ok so the first phase is to email me with your nominations.



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