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373Re: LBGC awards 2007

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  • Founder.
    Jan 3, 2008

      I know you said "by email to you". and that's probably fairer without
      introducing bias, but I don't think the difference is great, and
      thought this might help kick things off ...

      Up to 5 nominations per category ...

      Game of Year:
      Struggle of Empires
      Team RoboRally

      Best New Game (not sure which WERE published in 2007 ...)

      Best Game Mechanic:
      1. Perikles' nomination and election phase.
      2. Perikles' statue-points, which your choice of which cities to
      attack and which to leave alone, for the rest of the game.
      3. Perikles' 2-phase combat mechanic, with the result from the first
      giving you a head-start on the second phase.
      4. Perikles' mechanic of only the LEAD attacker or defender getting
      the VP's for the battle, so a race to get yourself down as the LEAD
      attacker or defender for the upcoming battles.
      5. Oh, and Imperial's Rondel!

      Best Filler:
      Cash 'n' Guns
      Team RoboRally

      These are only nominations for consideration. I look forward to the
      voting. A fun thing to do, thanks Neil!


      --- In lbgc@..., "Neil Parker" <welfarerights@...>
      > Ok chaps. Here's an idea. Lets vote for our favourite games for the
      > year.
      > Each member gets to nominate five candidates in each of four
      > -
      > a) Game of the Year (can be any game played);
      > b) Best new game (published or released in 2007);
      > c) Best game mechanic; and
      > d) Best filler.
      > To be eligible for a nomination, by any member, a game must have
      > played at least once at the club in 2007. It doesn't matter if a
      > nominating member hasn't played that game or has played it outside
      > club as long as the club has played it.
      > When i have more time i'll post the details of voting but to begin
      > for the first 2 weeks in Jan, i'm looking for nominations for voting
      > only. Any member interested can email me with up to 5 nominations
      > each category.
      > I'll then collate the nominations and post the results of the top 5
      > nominations in each category in readiness for the vote stage -
      > on voting will follow as identified.
      > To give you all a reminder of some of the games the club has played
      > is an aide memoire (in no particular order):
      > Twilight Imperium 3, Struggle of Empires, Age of Steam, Railroad
      > Perikles, Container, Brass, Hamburgum, Condottiere, Cash and Guns,
      > Arkham Horror, Combat Commander and Imperial - please feel free to
      > advertise any other games we have played to ensure members are
      aware of
      > the options. I cant remember if Fury of Dracula, Werewolf and
      > have been played this year or not.
      > To get you thinking on mechanics i'll give you an idea: TI3 strategy
      > cards, Imperial's Rondel, Struggle of Empires' alliance auction,
      > Perikles' nomination/election phase, Combat Commander's card
      > Arkham Horror's stat sliders and Container's scoring system.
      > Ok so the first phase is to email me with your nominations.
      > Cheers
      > Neil.
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