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  • jmalmolda
    Jan 15, 2008
      In the other post you did with the 16 possible outcomes (copied from
      BGG) the rule about getting cubes instead of VPs when a battle is not
      attacked is very clear, we can always change that, but i'd give the
      designer's view a go before deciding

      --- In lbgc@..., "Neil Parker" <vedantananda@...> wrote:
      > Hi - i'll double check when i get home, but from memory the rules are as
      > follows:
      > Tile selection - any, but not two of the same colour consecutively
      > including the browns.
      > combat odds - compare attacker STR with defender STR choose appropriate
      > column, if more than one column applies the strongest force chooses
      > which to use (ie the most favourable) but only if qualifies eg if you
      > qualify for both +2 and 2:1 you pick 2:1, if you have better than 2:1,
      > but less than 3:1, you have to choose 2:1 - i did look this one up on
      > Sunday night.
      > As far as i remember you can qualify for a battle's victory points if
      > you are the main attacker or defender and you win. If the battle is not
      > contested - or not correctly contested - by one side, the other side
      > will win. If it must be contested to get the points, it would be
      > tempting to ignore defended battles to some extent to deny victory
      > points. Personally i think it works as Athens and Sparta in particular -
      > being the strongest militarily - have the burden of defending more
      > battles, it is right that this should be rewarded. The other cities have
      > their advantages too though - eg more choice in where to send their
      > troops.
      > Overall, i think Perikles is a cracking good game which balances
      > simplicity with depth - i love the nomination/voting phase. I do take on
      > board Josep's points, but i think being too aggressive could backfire -
      > you need to have a fair balance of points - i the last game i played i
      > scored a lot of points via statues (got three cities on one turn), but
      > scored too few points via battles allowing Bob to win with a more
      > balanced portfolio.
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