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434Re: LBGC Awards - Results

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    Feb 1, 2008
      Great work, Neil, thanks for stimulating our interest.

      OK, what next?


      --- In lbgc@..., "Neil Parker" <vedantananda@...> wrote:
      > Ok members, here are the results:
      > Game of the Year: Perikles
      > Runner-up: Imperial
      > Comments: SoE had the most nominations (5), but no first choice
      > New Game of the Year: Perikles
      > Runner-up: Hamburgum
      > Comments: Hamburgum technically got eliminated first round as it
      > received no first choice votes, but it received 4 second votes.
      > only received two votes (1 and 2), Container three (1, 3 and 3), so
      > reflection i think Hamburgum ought to get the runner-up spot as i
      > think Brass can justify it with only two votes.
      > Mechanic of the Year: Struggle of Empires: Alliance auction
      > Runner-up: Imperial: Rondel
      > Comments: Perikles nomination and election mechanic received as many
      > votes as the others, but none of them were first choices.
      > Filler of the Year: Team Roborally
      > Runner-up: Werewolf
      > Overall, i think the results generally reflect group opinion. There
      > would have been more choice for voting had there been more
      > This would have given more credibility to the results and allowed
      > choice votes to have weight. Still, there is next year.
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