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456Re: [lbgc] An Imperial fun-league?

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  • Garner
    Feb 26, 2008

      We played Antike on the 10th not Imperial.


      On 26/02/2008, Founder. <bobroscow@...> wrote:

      Hi guys!

      I like having these leagues on Perikles and Team RoboRally. They are
      not turning out to narrow us into mainly playing them. They add a
      dimension when we DO play them. And they give us something else to
      post on the site ...

      SO, how about a third league-table ... for Imperial? It got played
      the session-before-last, and the session before that, and seems to be
      a favourite that will get played repeatedly?

      There's no reason that it should be ME as scorekeeper. I nominate
      NeilP. OK by you, Neil?

      I mention it now because it's only 9 days since we last played it, so
      you guys might REMEMBER who came 1st, 2nd 3rd etc. in order to get
      the table started. A league-table only looks OK after the second
      game, but you need a first to get it started...

      I can remind you that the 6 who played it on 17 Feb 08 were DaveB,
      KeithD, NeilP, GeorgeY, MartialC and HenningS. I recall hearing that
      KeithD won, but not the other placings. But it's only 9 days ago.
      Post here, all of you, on your recollections of who scored second,
      third etc. In fact, also feel free to give your version of how the
      game went, and why/how you won or lost!

      I can also remind you that the 5 of you who played it on 10 Feb were
      BrianO, DaveB, StuartF, TomasP and Stania (I'm 99% sure). So maybe
      you can remember who came 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th that day, if you all
      chip in, so as to have TWO games to start the league-table with. I
      recall that BrianO won, but you need to remember placings for a
      league. That would make 2 games and a decent first league-table.

      Neil can choose a scoring system and post the league. Probably best
      to copy the LEAGUE-formula of Perikles and Team RR, for uniformity,
      ie cumulated points divided by games-played+1. But up to you what
      points you earn, for positions in games of 4, 5 or 6. Eg your call
      as to whether coming first is only slightly rewarded over coming
      second, or else a big gap. What do you think, Neil?


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