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461Re: Twilight Imperium 3 - the next war...

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  • Neil Parker
    Feb 26, 2008
      After rereading my message i ought to clarify. I don't want to
      discourage anyone by trying to restrict numbers to 10 or 12. In the very
      unlikely event we have 16 'eager' players who can attend on the same day
      (and Bob willing) we 'could' do two 8 player games - that would be a bit
      mad though and probably best avoided.

      --- In lbgc@..., "Neil Parker" <vedantananda@...> wrote:
      > Hi all, Bob has agreed to host another session of TI3 to cater for the
      > current interest and to allow 2 parallel games on the day. This means
      > we could cater for 10 or 12 players using two sets with each game
      > 4 or 6 player. The game can take 8, but 4 or 6 are the best numbers.
      > We can discuss rules and details at a later date. What i need to know
      > at present is who is interested in playing? if you are, email me
      > answering two questions:
      > a) what is your level of interest:
      > 1. Eager - i really want to play this! 2. Keen - i really want to
      > but i'll go on the reserve list in preference to an eager player, 3.
      > Interested - if there is space i want to play, but otherwise i'll go
      > the reserve list.
      > b) what are your available Sunday dates in April (pref) or May.
      > Priority: I'll give priority to game hosts, me (as organiser), players
      > who missed out last time and new players. There were 6 players in the
      > last game who i think will largely be willing to play again, plus
      > another 3 - Allan, Dave (missed out) and Attila (new) who have
      > an interest and i'll regard them as priorities if they are eager.
      > So on that basis we have potentially another 1-3 slots. In the event
      > there are more than 12 names, then the above priority/interest order
      > will have an effect. Priority will also be used in determining the
      > date to go for - i'll try to go with a date that best suits priority
      > players. Basically, we'll work something out.
      > I'll list those interested sometime in march and then we can talk
      > and stuff...
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