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467Re: [lbgc] Twilight Imperium 3 - the next war...

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  • Bob Roscow
    Feb 27, 2008
      Just for clarity :  don't count ME in as a player.

      On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 3:02 PM, Neil Parker <vedantananda@...> wrote:

      Hi all, Bob has agreed to host another session of TI3 to cater for the current interest and to allow 2 parallel games on the day.  This means we could cater for 10 or 12 players using two sets with each game being 4 or 6 player. The game can take 8, but 4 or 6 are the best numbers.

      We can discuss rules and details at a later date.  What i need to know at present is who is interested in playing? if you are, email me answering two questions:

      a) what is your level of interest:

      1. Eager - i really want to play this! 2. Keen - i really want to play, but i'll go on the reserve list in preference to an eager player, 3. Interested - if there is space i want to play, but otherwise i'll go on the reserve list.

      b) what are your available Sunday dates in April (pref) or May.

      Priority: I'll give priority to game hosts, me (as organiser), players who missed out last time and new players. There were 6 players in the last game who i think will largely be willing to play again, plus another 3 - Allan, Dave (missed out) and Attila (new) who have expressed an interest and i'll regard them as priorities if they are eager.

      So on that basis we have potentially another 1-3 slots. In the event there are more than 12 names, then the above priority/interest order will have an effect. Priority will also be used in determining the best date to go for - i'll try to go with a date that best suits priority players.  Basically, we'll work something out. 

      I'll list those interested sometime in march and then we can talk rules and stuff...


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