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468New Improved Werewolf

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    Mar 1, 2008
      Hi folks!

      I've now rounded off my version of Werewolf. It went up to 40 or so
      roles, and then I cut it down to 19 roles. 24 cards, but 5 of them are
      alternates for another 5. So meet 7 new roles.

      I've uploaded 3 files to our site's Files: 2 files of cards/roles, and
      1 doc of a guide to the sequence of events for the poor moderator.

      Meet the Necromancer - he wins if the Wolves win, but only if at least
      one wolf is dead, so he may have to switch sides a bit ...

      Meet the Sorcerer's Apprentice - he wins if the Sorcerer survives,
      even if the Village wins and the Sorcerer loses. But if the Sorcerer
      dies, the Apprentice can then only win if he ALSO dies. So he may end
      up TRYING to get himself lynched or eaten ...

      Meet the Village Tough - he can survive a wolf-attack, but only on
      Night 1, so he might put himself forward as a pain or Seer to the
      wolves on Day 1 ... thus vying with Stuart for the one they would most
      like to kill on the first night ...

      Meet the Detective - he starts off already knowing Werewolf 1, the
      Seer, the Sorcerer and the Sage!! Unfortunately, he doesn't know which
      is which ...

      We may never play all 19 roles together. But some viewer might see
      this and try it. Meanwhile, we can vary the mix from among the 19 when
      next we meet up in a doomed village ...

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