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470Re: New Improved Werewolf

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  • Neil Parker
    Mar 3, 2008

      Good stuff Bob. Musings:

      Necromancer: Could be quite interesting as he actively wants a werewolf to die so he can `take over' the group. Could be powerful as he knows identity of one wolf (could be a randomized wolf, not necessarily WW1?).


      Detective: Could be interesting but too powerful? especially in large groups as irrespective of number at the start of the game he already knows the four `key players' (even if not their roles) who arguably know or have the potential to know the most early on – he can focus immediately on just four players looking for links between them and the others.


      Also, on the basis that the loudmouth, sound off and the WWs are most likely to nominate early to get immunity, that means the detective has another 4 or 5 players to work on knowing that 2 of them are not WWs – thus he could deduce that three of the five talking the most are likely to be WWs – of which he knows one (I am presuming that the WW on the radar won't know he is known, just that one of the WWs is known). Will the WWs be discouraged from trying to get immunity with the detective in play? – if the WWs (not knowing which of them is under suspicion) talk too much then the detective will have a guess that if one out of the five is someone he already knows from his `list of four' he could surmise that that player is a WW (as the only role that would carry rationale for being one of both 'the four' and 'the five') – he then needs to look for the links between that player and others.


      Healer: could be very powerful, but since it's a one-off could be good for villagers to balance out WWs abilities. If someone is lynched, provided its not the healer, and its not a WW the healer can resurrect him and the villagers know one person to keep alive – the WWs then have to consider eating him, to take away that edge or keep healed player alive if they suspect not important so as to narrow down the seer, sorcerer etc.


      Tough/Blacksmith type: Like the idea of someone being able to survive – with info to use, especially good as it takes effect when the WWs try to kill tough, not just limited to first day/night. Only downside is that the role doesn't come with info on other players, but still useful as a support to villagers. Alternative to Hunter – ie either you survive and that's it or you don't survive but take one of them with you.


      Thief/ Nightowl (additional idea) – you are a villager and you are active (for whatever reason) at night. You may get to witness one other player who is also active at night. This could be fixed to witness one WW or random to witness one other nocturnal player – so could detect the Seer. Could witness a killing and a WW or keep the role unknown by simple witness a player being active without seeing what they are doing – thus keeping this role from being too powerful. Might want to consider this to be a nightly event or a one-off; but if nightly ought to keep roles unknown or the thief/nightowl will be like an ultra seer.


      Apprenticeships – might want to consider apprentice to be known to the master. Could be useful in two ways, in that  its another pairing of players with info about each other and when the master dies, the apprentice takes over. Instead of having the `Friend of' have `apprentice of' the Seer, Sage and Sorcerer. Three pairings means more info (but without immunity) and it means if eg the Seer gets killed straight off, a new Seer takes over – but note the powers of the master don't transfer to the apprentice until master dies.


      I'd like to see the Cursed role tried in a two WW game. The cursed villager, looks like a villager to the Seer, and wins if the villagers win, but if eaten, not lynched, becomes a werewolf the following night - and then is in the position of only winning if the WWs win. The cursed role would have to be hidden from the player (as that player could engineer a WW win and switch sides in time) - then again it might be fun to see this attempted. Either use Cursed in a game with at least one other ordinary villager, or have the cursed as an effect not a role and this 'effect' is on top of any other role (probably not the Seer).


      I reckon i'd like to try all the above.




      --- In lbgc@..., "Founder." <bobroscow@...> wrote:
      > Hi folks!
      > I've now rounded off my version of Werewolf. It went up to 40 or so
      > roles, and then I cut it down to 19 roles. 24 cards, but 5 of them are
      > alternates for another 5. So meet 7 new roles.
      > I've uploaded 3 files to our site's Files: 2 files of cards/roles, and
      > 1 doc of a guide to the sequence of events for the poor moderator.
      > Meet the Necromancer - he wins if the Wolves win, but only if at least
      > one wolf is dead, so he may have to switch sides a bit ...
      > Meet the Sorcerer's Apprentice - he wins if the Sorcerer survives,
      > even if the Village wins and the Sorcerer loses. But if the Sorcerer
      > dies, the Apprentice can then only win if he ALSO dies. So he may end
      > up TRYING to get himself lynched or eaten ...
      > Meet the Village Tough - he can survive a wolf-attack, but only on
      > Night 1, so he might put himself forward as a pain or Seer to the
      > wolves on Day 1 ... thus vying with Stuart for the one they would most
      > like to kill on the first night ...
      > Meet the Detective - he starts off already knowing Werewolf 1, the
      > Seer, the Sorcerer and the Sage!! Unfortunately, he doesn't know which
      > is which ...
      > We may never play all 19 roles together. But some viewer might see
      > this and try it. Meanwhile, we can vary the mix from among the 19 when
      > next we meet up in a doomed village ...
      > Bob

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