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476Re: Gygax fails saving throw.

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    Mar 5, 2008
      Thanks. How sad. Yes, Gary Gygax kicked off the whole D&D and
      therefore also MMORPG thing. A visionary and creative and made it

      Decades ago, I also read a novel or two he wrote. He was good at
      that too, surprisingly or unsurprisingly.

      Yes, worth a minute's silence from all gamers. No tapping of keys
      during the silence.

      Thanks, Keith. Yo, Gary, we all owe you.


      --- In lbgc@..., Keith Dowsett <keithdowsett@...> wrote:
      > I've just read on the web that Gary Gygax has failed a saving throw
      and is no longer with us.
      > I'm sure I'm not the only member who has spent many hours playing
      D&D using the books he wrote.
      > Keith.
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