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477Leagues and record-keeping

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    Mar 5, 2008
      No, not always a league with averages and positions; sometimes just a
      record of what happened each time.

      I'm now of the view that these leagues, fun-leagues, and record-
      keepings are a Good Thing. They are not serious. But they add a
      dimension to the gaming, add to the banter, add to the
      cohesiveness ... and give something for the site to do ... which also
      adds cohesion, in theory.

      I've always resisted a table of winners/scores across all games we
      play, a sort of overall league. I still resist that, it won't happen.

      But leagues or records across particular games seem good. And the
      MORE games we bother to league or record, the MORE proudly-happy
      people we have, assuming that the highers and lowers vary from game
      to game ... More leagues and record-keeping mean more people happy
      that their successes were noticed and recorded, for that slight extra
      push of pride amongst fellows. No need to reply that it really
      doesn't matter to you; you'd be fooling yourself; you play with it
      not mattering, but you DO get a further buzz if you then see yourself
      appearing as numero uno somewhere ... Unless you are the
      administrator, in which case the buzz comes from your league hanging
      on your every word, not from topping the league...

      The GOOD thing about SEVERAL slow leagues or record-keeping is that
      several players each top something, or are high on something ... even
      if it is by chance on a game of much chance!

      So, this leaning towards leagues on LOTS of games is NOT to make LBGC
      more competitive; it is to give acknowledgement and appreciation,
      extra happiness, to those who do well in a game or two, OK? Somebody
      gets more breast-swelling, lots of people are current champions or
      contenders, on one or other game, ... and it gives more for our SITE
      to do.

      So I'll post on Werewolf record-keeping next ...

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