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481Imperial match report & league update

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  • Dave Bullions
    Mar 24, 2008
      Yesterday 4 of us played Imperial & got the league underway (at last).
      The four players were Richard, Andrew, Stuart & myself. Of these
      players Richard & Stuart were playing Imperial for the first time.
      Very good debuts from both of these, with Stuart controlling Germany
      and Richard controlling Russia. Richard took most of the Balkans very
      quickly and Stuart took on any country that was up for a fight, but
      mainly Great Britain. Stuart also brought Italian bonds and took over
      control of Italy from me, leaving me with control of just Great
      Britain. Andrew thought he would take control of Great Britain from
      me, but I took it back before Andrew could do anything with it. This
      was of benefit to Great Britain as it now had more money from the sale
      of bonds. Richard was, in the meanwhile, starting his extermination of
      the Austrian race (controlled by Andrew), but Andrew starting to take
      some Italian turf.
      Eventually Russia, Italy, Great Britain, and (thanks to a late surge)
      France, started to head towards the 25 mark to end the game.

      The final result was:
      1st Stuart $110m
      2nd Richard $79m
      3rd Andrew $77m
      4th Dave $65m

      Once I decide on a points system I will post a league table (if 4
      points for the winner this time, what happens if we have 6 players?
      Would the winner get 6 points?).
      I intend to keep a running total of the money made. Who will be the
      first Imperial billionaire?

      I hope you all enjoyed the game. I look forward to the next one.