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    Jun 16, 2008
      Hi folks,

      My current curiosity is about TEAM board games. I think they add a
      fun dimension, but there seem to be very few of them, apart from our
      own RR variant, Team RoboRally?!

      I don't mean games where you are ALL a team versus the board, e.g,
      Shadows Over Camelot, Pandemic or Lord Of The Rings; Nor one versus a
      team (Fury of Dracula). I mean where you are 3 vs 3 etc. Teamwork
      and high fives, team versus team.

      Know any? Maybe one of you habitues of BGG can find an old thread
      that was done on this in the past?

      I've thought of a twist on team-play that could add fun:
      Imagine you start game X as 6 players. You are 3 vs 3, but the twist
      is that you don't know which 3 at the outset ...
      On Turn 4, you (Player A) learn that Player B is on the opposing team
      (and he learns that of you). On Turn 6 you learn that Player C is on
      your team (and he learns that of you). On Turn 8 you learn that
      Player D is on the oppsing team (and he learns that of you). That
      still leaves Players E and F that you don't know whether they are on
      your team or the opposing team... maybe you've worked that out, or
      maybe you get told one (and thus deduce the other) on Turn 10. Could
      be fun either way. Either way, you go for a team win, not an
      individual win. E.g. as soon as 3 are eliminated, one side has won,
      either 3:0 or 2:1; or else, it's a points/victory-track game and you
      add your points together.

      It's a mechanic that's looking for a game!! I think it would add fun
      and high fives as well as a strategic dimension. But added into what

      Not Struggle of Empires, 'cos that already has a clever alliances
      phase. Not Perilkles, where alliances come from what you have to
      lose or protect re statues. Not Imperial, since the essence is
      investing in one country after another. Not my Alliance, since it
      already has bidding for alliances as its main mechanic.

      Maybe my Conquest. Maybe Apocalypse if we are 6, or an ancient
      version of Risk. Maybe Game of Thrones!! (expanded version for 6) -
      like many conquest games, it suffers from the arbitrariness of whom
      to attack, and team-play could give shape to that? Here's a thought:
      Look, I know Railroad Tycoon is already a brilliant game ... but
      imagine playing it one time on this team basis!! ... You would
      gradually discover who you need to HELP rather than HINDER, because
      you win by total team score, not individually ... Which has that
      dimension of high fives at the end that I like in team-play? 3
      people happy instead of 1?! The other 3 blaming each other ...!

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