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517Rails of Europe

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  • Dave Bullions
    Jun 30, 2008
      This post is mainly directed to those of us that played "Rails of
      Europe" yesterday.
      There was some mystery regarding the turn order track (the one with 5
      circles). From quickly reading through BoardGameGeek, it would seem
      that this track was added at the playtest stage in response to
      playtesters that wanted to use their own auction mechanism for turn
      order. It was left on there when in game went into production for the
      benefit of anyone that wants to use it, but rules for its use were not
      included in the rules booklet. The way most people would use it is
      that the first person to "pass" in an auction occupies the last
      position and the winner of the auction occupies the first position.
      The other players occupy the other positions. I guess that would be in
      the order in which they dropped out of the auction. Something we could
      maybe try the next time it gets played.
      Anyway, I hope that clears things up a bit.