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518Team RoboRally Game 8 of 13 July 08

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    Jul 15, 2008
      8 of us played Team RR last Sunday (before going on to Thurn & Taxis,
      Colossal Arena, Clans, Perikles and Bang!).

      The Team RR game was a riot, as it always is, a huge mix of clever
      plans, stupid mistakes, and blind luck. Blind luck failed me this
      time ...

      StuartF finally met his match! NickyR zapped him twice.
      Unfortunately, they were on the same team ...

      (I love writing these warped versions of what happened in a TeamRR

      The Good Guys (BobR, FelixK, NeilP and JamesR)came up with
      (well,found themselves in) a decent "strategy" of the first two
      defending, the second two going for their flag.

      Felix did a fine job of stopping DaveB from the Good Guys' flagbase,
      Felix and Dave ending the game circling the Good Guys' flagbase on a
      conveyor, shooting each other.

      Unfortunately, I (BobR) didn't do as well defending against AllanM.
      AllanM grabbed the Good Guys' flag, and danced past BobR on his way
      to the middle as if he wasn't there. [It would be far less
      embarrassing if I HADN'T been there, but I was; to no discernible
      effect - except to make Allan even more happy at planting the flag
      whilst at the same time thumbing his nose at my pathetic attempts to
      stop him.

      NeilP was, once again, strangely uninvolved ... hanging around the
      middle with plausible excuses ...

      The Good Guys never even got an enemy flag - JamesR got into the
      general region, but kept spinning rather than closing on his target
      (the cards, the cards, especially after NickyR had nailed him once or
      twice, such that he usually had 2 locked cards and only 3 to play

      NickyR was lethal. To both sides. But more to his enemies, so he
      got MVP - more hits on enemies than friends, more than anyone else.
      Which rocketed him to his entry on the table in 4th place.

      I'll do a separate post on revised league table - when I can bring
      myself to showing how far I drop down the table ...