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527Team Roborally Game 9 of 28 Sept 2008

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  • Founder.
    Oct 5, 2008
      Last Sunday, after some played Rails Of Europe version of Railroad
      Tycoon, and some played Axis & Allies, 6 of us squeezed in a 40 min
      game of Team Roborally. Hilarious as always!

      The Good Guys beat off DaveB's early rush for their flag, by DaveP
      managing to kill him off near the flag.

      BobR soon got full revenge for DaveB by killing off DaveP;
      unfortunately, BobR was on the same side as DaveP at the time ...
      friendly fire.

      The Bad Guys followed up with a rush by AllanM for the Good Guys'
      flag, and, now that BobR had accidentally "removed" DaveP from
      defending it, AllanM took it with ease, and raced to plant it on the
      middle base. AllanM and BobR got there at the same time ... BobR
      pushed him off the base ... only for a conveyor belt to return him to
      it a moment later for the win. So, according to the Good Guys:
      Conveyor Belts 1: Humans 0. But more realistically:

      TEAM ROBORALLY RESULT OF GAME 9 of 28 Sept 2008:

      AllanM - Won, Survived, Planted Flag - 6 points
      DaveB - Won, Killed by DaveP - 4 points
      MichaelP - Won, Survived - 5 points

      BobR - Lost, Survived - 1 point
      KeithD - Lost, Survived, Carried flag - 2 points
      DaveP - Lost, Killed by BobR, Killed DaveB, MVP - 2 points