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533Three rule-changes to Team RoboRally

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  • Founder.
    Oct 30, 2008
      1. If two players tie for MVP, then they both get a bonus point.
      But if 3 or more players tie for MVP, then nobody gets one (because
      it was probably a low score, for 3 or more to tie on it).

      2. Your robot gets no repairs on your own team's flag-base!
      Otherwise it is too attractive/easy for one of you to just sit on
      your own flag-base, having any incoming damage repaired as you sit
      there. This may be counter-intuitive, but it's fairer on the
      attacking raiders, and keeps the game quick and lethal, rather than
      defensive. Robots still get repairs at the ENEMY flag-base, and at
      the middle flag-base, so, yes, you CAN go try to defend the middle
      flag-base by sitting on it, but both sides might be trying to ...

      3. You get a bonus point (as well as a round of applause) if you
      push an enemy robot into a pit. Not if you just push them off the
      board, only if you push them into a PIT. So, if you push a robot
      into a pit (3 damage) which also kills it, then, yes, you get 2
      points for that, one for pushing into the pit and one for killing
      it! It'll be rare - and it might take some restraint and skill to
      try to finish off a robot by pushing it into a pit rather than just
      shooting it ...

      I think that's my lot for tweaks to Team RoboRally rules and scoring
      points for the league. Unless anybody has any more interesting ideas
      to build in?