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538What really old game would you enjoy a nostalgic game of at our place?

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  • Founder.
    Dec 4, 2008
      Games have moved on, and the boardgames of the last 10 years are better-
      designed or better-play than the old games. BUT. Playing one of the
      old (childhood/teenage/student) games might hold a certain nostalgic
      charm as a one-off, even if it has its faults? Before we consign them
      forever to history?

      Me, I'd nominate Kingmaker (flawed and overtaken, but nostalgic), and
      Escape From Colditz, and Totopoly (the actual race-mechanic is quite
      clever!). I have Kingmaker and Totopoly myself, but not Escape From

      Which old ones do YOU have and would like to play one last time, if
      only for nostalgia?! And do you have a copy?

      This post was partly just to intro a topic insteads of all of the
      recent posts being about TeamRoboRally updates. Hey, we must also play
      Perikles and Imperial again soon, since they are good and also lead to
      update-posts on THEM to intersperse between updates on TeamRR games and
      league. Er, one of which follows ...
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