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540Re: What really old game would you enjoy a nostalgic game of at our place?

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  • Neil Parker
    Dec 5, 2008

      I have Warrior Knights and Kings and Things. I'd play either if others were interested.

      --- In lbgc@..., "Founder." <bobroscow@...> wrote:
      > Games have moved on, and the boardgames of the last 10 years are better-
      > designed or better-play than the old games. BUT. Playing one of the
      > old (childhood/teenage/student) games might hold a certain nostalgic
      > charm as a one-off, even if it has its faults? Before we consign them
      > forever to history?
      > Me, I'd nominate Kingmaker (flawed and overtaken, but nostalgic), and
      > Escape From Colditz, and Totopoly (the actual race-mechanic is quite
      > clever!). I have Kingmaker and Totopoly myself, but not Escape From
      > Colditz.
      > Which old ones do YOU have and would like to play one last time, if
      > only for nostalgia?! And do you have a copy?
      > This post was partly just to intro a topic insteads of all of the
      > recent posts being about TeamRoboRally updates. Hey, we must also play
      > Perikles and Imperial again soon, since they are good and also lead to
      > update-posts on THEM to intersperse between updates on TeamRR games and
      > league. Er, one of which follows ...

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