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551Re: [lbgc] Re: Age

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  • Allan
    Dec 13, 2008
      Yes, that is of course the answer.

      As a silver lining, my age is now the same as the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything :-)

      Thanks for replying!

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      On 13 Dec 2008, at 22:26, "Founder." <bobroscow@...> wrote:

      I'll have a stab at it. Just got to use up a few more words first, so
      that my stab at it comes lower down than the first sentence or two, so
      that anybody will only see my attempt if they click for the full text,
      blah, blah, that should do it.

      Erm, maybe you're using the sextidecimal (16-imal) system? So that 41
      became 29? So now you've just become twenty-ten rather than thirty?


      In lbgc@yahoogroups. co.uk, "Allan Mertner" <allan@...> wrote:
      > On Wednesday this week, I could truthfully claim to be 29 years old.
      > Friends would sometimes look a little dubiously at me at this, but I
      > was mostly able to convince people of the truth of it.
      > Alas, on Thursday the 11th, things changed. I am not now 30 as you
      > might have expected - I am in fact 42. Gone are the sweet twenties,
      > and the mid-forties with all that entails (beer belly, midlife crisis,
      > stomach ulcer, not enough time for boardgames and teenage kids) loom.
      > How can this all have happened to me, so quickly?
      > Any takers?
      > Allan

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