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563TRR league table, final take

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  • Allan Mertner
    Jan 18, 2009
      Sorry to send so much mail on this topic: it's as if Roborally is all we play, which of course is very far from the truth...

      Thanks to those of you who expressed an opinion on my last post.  I have now reached what I think is the format we will use going forward, and you can see it below.  You will notice that there are TWO tables: one is for the ongoing TRR league, called the ETERNAL LEAGUE, and the other one is just for games played in 2009.

      I have included the pictures of the tables in this message and have created a "photo album" where I will put updated league tables when they change, here. This should make them easier to find if you want to without digging through all the messages, and also means that Bob can send his summary of the games without me then sending a separate mail with an updated table... 

      So much for the theory, here is harsh reality... first, the eternal league where Stuart has regained the Top Spot after an annoyingly convincing win last week :-)

      In the new 2009 league, the situation is very fluid after only 2 games - with Bob topping it due to a fantastic win in the first game of the season:

      Clearly lots of scope for things to change here as well.  And I really need to get luckier so I can move up a bit :-)

      See you next time at LBGC!