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  • Founder.
    Jan 19, 2009
      Allan's new-look league tables are awesome! They look great, and, in
      case you hadn't realised, they're not just a lay-out and a look;
      Allan devised a program, so that all we have to do is feed in the
      latest results, and it does all the maths and updates the tables
      automatically, saving me a lot of work and the odd manual error. And
      that program was tougher than it sounds: adding in the nice touch of
      how many places you therefore moved up or down meant the program had
      to compare delta rankings over time …

      Hey, with nifty programming like that, you'd think Allan would do
      better when he programs his robot in the games!

      A few of us agonised for, ooh, minutes over whether to start a new
      table each calendar year (clean slate), or keep going with the league
      we've built up. The answer was obvious: we'll do both.

      So, you'll see that there are TWO tables. Any new results go into
      both tables, one table being for the 2009 crown, only games played in
      2009, and one cumulating ALL results to date, which I've
      optimistically named the Eternal League, rather than the Total
      Cumulative League. This has the advantage that you can select either
      of them as the one that "matters". Me, I'm understandably giving
      priority to the 2009 table … Allan has already switched his sights
      to the 2010 table *evil grin*.

      A natural consequence of this calendar-year league, is that we have a
      Champion each year! And the 2008 Champion was … drum-roll …no,
      you're wrong … it was Tomas P. The one week when Stuart F slipped to
      overall second place, briefly, was the last one of 2008, when Tomas's
      team pipped Stuart's team, making Tomas the 2008 champion. StuartF
      took Silver, and Josep A took Bronze. (Since then, Stuart is
      predictably back on top of the Eternal league).

      So, congrats: 2008 TEAM ROBORALLY CHAMPION : TOMAS P.