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  • Founder.
    Feb 6, 2009
      (I thought of something)

      Last week several played Billabong a couple of times. (I hear that
      Michal won it every time ...).

      Nice filler game, very positional-logical. I like it myself. Of
      course, I tweak it - we only start with 4 'roos each instead of 5, and
      we start half-way round the track, so that we don't have to go through
      the irrelevant first half, but start with the absorbing endgame ...

      But it stil has a huge flaw (those of you who know the game will
      understand): kingmaker. Amongst grown-ups, around half of all games
      end up with player A deciding, with his last move, whether Player B
      gets to win or whether Player C gets to win. Very annoying for Player
      B or Player C.

      But it IS an interesting, fun, logic-puzzle of a filler game ...

      SO, ANY SUGGESTIONS for a tweak to overcome that flaw? (I have 2
      suggestions myself, but it wouldn't start a dialogue if I gave them
      now, would it, and I'd be interested in your "solutions".)

      Post any ideas or comments.