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  • George Young
    Feb 11, 2009
      Just to support Bob,

      If you looking to play any style of Board Game then LBGC is the place
      to be, Bob is a fantastic host and the variety and experience of
      gaming at this club is great. It's just sad that I have not been able
      to attend for some time, my loss indeed.

      --- In lbgc@..., "Founder." <bobroscow@...> wrote:
      > As all you attenders know, we play a wide variety of games at our
      > sessions. But a casual visitor could be forgiven for thinking,
      > the above posts, that we only or mainly play Team RoboRally! The
      > enquirer asked whether that was the case ... After all, the last
      > or 12 posts are ALL about Team RoboRally ...
      > No, no (to any casual viewer or enquirer), Team RoboRally is only
      > about 5% of our play-time, often as a starter or filler or ending,
      > none of the above.
      > In fact, to redress the appearance of what we play, here's a list
      > the games we've played over the last 3 months:
      > Tribune
      > Billabong
      > Labyrinth
      > Blue Moon City
      > Perikles
      > Battlelines
      > Kingsgate
      > Team RoboRally
      > Werewolf
      > Race For The Galaxy
      > Cosmic Encounter
      > Colossal Arena
      > Antike
      > Fearsome Floors
      > Alliance
      > Wizwars
      > Guillotine
      > Warrior Knights
      > Galactic Emperor
      > Goa
      > Agricola
      > Condottieri
      > Galactic Destiny
      > Apocalypse
      > Imperial
      > League of 6
      > Game Of Thrones
      > Railroad Tycoon
      > Axis And Allies
      > Adel Verpflichtet
      > So why so much Team RoboRally in the above posts? It's just that:
      > 1) We are a face-to-face-playing club, so the site is mostly for
      > updates, eg of league-tables.
      > 2) We play so many different games that we don't bother with a
      > on most games. Currently only on Perikles, Imperial and Team
      > RoboRally. And, of the three, TeamRR is by far the shortest and
      > easiest to throw in the odd game of (and it's a laugh), so we fit
      > in more often. Hence it appears more often on this updating site.
      > I must try to vary the subjects of our posts a bit more. I'll
      > of something!
      > Bob
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