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579TRR league table after Feb 15 2009

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  • Allan Mertner
    Feb 19, 2009
      Hi Robo-fiends,

      That was one hell of a game you had on the 15th, and I've had to update the league tables quickly.  How on Earth did Bob get *NINE* points?  I think that's a new record, and as I am the one with all of the previous game records I can verify it indeed is.  Until now, Stuart F has held the highest-score record with 8 points - something he achieved in his very first game more than a year ago.

      In the Eternal League, Josep gains top spot from Stuart (just!), Bob manages to go up 3 places, and Carla swoops straight into 3rd place:

      In the 2009 league, Bob extends his already impressive lead in 1st place with a rating of 5.33, and Josep again overtakes Stuart to hold 2nd place. In 2009, Carla enters on a 4th place - there is tough competition for the top spots here:

      I clearly need to do two things: a) Play more, and b) WIN when I play :-)

      Until next time,
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