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580Re: TRR league table after Feb 15 2009

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  • Allan Mertner
    Feb 19, 2009
      Hello again,

      Within minutes of sending this, I realize I have made two mistakes...
      The first is that Bob in fact was NOT at the top of the 2009 league
      before his latest massive win, but now very firmly is. We clearly
      need to make him lose a few!

      The second is that if you look closely at the Eternal League, you'll
      see that Felix apparently lost. Except he didn't: he did not play at
      the last session - so what happened?

      The problem occurred because in the previous session, Felix *did*
      play, and he also lost - albeit with a massively impressive score of
      4, which is a first for a losing player. In my less-impressive
      spreadsheet, I had decided to call it a "Win" if a player earned 4 or
      more points, and a "Loss" otherwise. This worked fine until Felix
      entered the stage, of course.

      Faced with the choice between figuring out a more sophisticated
      algorithm and just writing "Lost" next to Felix's name, I went for the
      latter. And then promptly forgot to change the cell back to the
      formula when I added the latest results :)

      Anyway, that is probably far more detail than anyone cares about - but
      if you DO care, there you have it.

      Until next time :)

      --- In lbgc@..., "Allan Mertner" <allan@...> wrote:
      > Hi Robo-fiends,
      > That was one hell of a game you had on the 15th, and I've had to update
      > the league tables quickly. How on Earth did Bob get *NINE* points? I
      > think that's a new record, and as I am the one with all of the previous
      > game records I can verify it indeed is. Until now, Stuart F has held
      > the highest-score record with 8 points - something he achieved in his
      > very first game more than a year ago.
      > In the Eternal League, Josep gains top spot from Stuart (just!), Bob
      > manages to go up 3 places, and Carla swoops straight into 3rd place:
      > In the 2009 league, Bob extends his already impressive lead in 1st place
      > with a rating of 5.33, and Josep again overtakes Stuart to hold 2nd
      > place. In 2009, Carla enters on a 4th place - there is tough
      > competition for the top spots here:
      > I clearly need to do two things: a) Play more, and b) WIN when I play
      > :-)
      > Until next time,
      > Allan
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