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582Re: [lbgc] Re: Other fun at the session of 15/2/09

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    Feb 20, 2009
      Hi Neil,
      We decided Antti won the tie-break 30-29 as we discounted my extra scroll which I probably shouldn't have received.

      --- On Fri, 20/2/09, Neil Parker <vedantananda@...> wrote:
      From: Neil Parker <vedantananda@...>
      Subject: [lbgc] Re: Other fun at the session of 15/2/09
      To: lbgc@...
      Date: Friday, 20 February, 2009, 2:01 PM

      Zoran won Tribune - Antti was second - if i remember correctly..

      --- In lbgc@yahoogroups. co.uk, "Founder." <bobroscow@. ..> wrote:
      > Apart from that one game of TeamRR, elsewhere in the session:
      > AndrewM won at Imperial, with CarlaA 2nd, JosepA 3rd, TomasP 4th and
      > DaveB 5th, I think. DaveB is in charge of reporting and updating the
      > Imperial league. Does AndrewM head the league now?
      > And Antti won at both Tribune and Cosmic Encounter, while Zoran won
      > Colossal Arena.
      > Bob

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