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  • Neil Parker
    Mar 11, 2009
      I've played Powerboats too and liked it. I'm normally not a fan of roll
      and move/race type games, but this one is nice and the dice mechanics
      work quite well.

      --- In lbgc@..., "Tomas Pajonk" <tom@...> wrote:
      > It is quite harsh to have your own games played and losing at them,
      but oh
      > well J. (not that I did that great in Powerboats).
      > The Powerboats game is very nice game. I do not like racing games too
      > but this one is definitively interesting and smooth.
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      > George Young
      > Sent: 09 March 2009 11:49
      > To: lbgc@...
      > Subject: [Spam] [lbgc] Great Session...
      > Well Bob it's been a while since I last made it to the Club and I hope
      > will be the beginning of my return... watch this space..
      > Had a great session with just 5 of us playing Fire and Axe (Viking
      > which took a little longer than I expected but was a great game with
      > of theme, and a touch of "take that". This is a game that will
      > take a few plays to capture the strategy. Raiding seemed to pay off
      > well for Thomas although SAGA cards did seem to bolster the scoring
      > significantly at the end, 10 points per card, hard to beat. I'm not
      sure the
      > value of ports that are not part of a region?
      > We also played PowerBoats which is probably one of the better racing
      game I
      > have played, although dice based it works extremely well. We did play
      with 2
      > Variants outside of the official rules which meant Boats would cause
      > collisions and therefore the collision rules applied and allowed some
      > blocking.... also the layout of the route. I planned the first two
      > but Bob's finished with a real twister for the final race.
      > I'll let Bob post the scoring if he gets chance...
      > Great session and one of the many reasons I enjoy the Club, relaxed,
      > friendly, banter and obviously ME never winning a game... What more
      > you ask for....
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