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    Mar 15, 2009
      Sorry for the slow reply.

      Yes, it was a great session here last Sun 8 March.  Unusually just 5 of us, so it was cosy and perfect.

      I loved both the "new" games we tried (despite doing badly at both - which says even more.)

      Fire & Axe is a pure joy.  As Tomas said, it is very "thematic".  You have a viking longboat, and choose how to load it up and go trading, or raiding, or settling.  You choose which saga or mission to prepare for and go try - but others might be tempted by the same ...  

      On each mission/saga/voyage, you might succeed brilliantly, or the dice might fail you on a raid or attempted settlement (no dice-risk if you choose to trade).  So, don't approach the game if you HATE a bad dice-roll that thwarts your brilliant plan.  But that makes it all the more thematic if you DO get into the spirit of it:  ("Come on lads, great voyage, we'll trade on the way and then go settle Nantes and Bordeaux ... and maybe raid York on the way back ...".  Most voyages succeed, but they are all with a risk of failure if you plan to raid or settle rather than just trade.  Go with the theme.  Forget the one bad-luck throw and and put it down to the theme!  I loved it.  You enjoy the ride.  The only thing I WOULD say is that it might be best with FOUR players - it can take a while for each play, so FIVE players is slower than 4 would be, for no appreciable gain?  I came 2nd-last, BTW.

      TomasP won.  He won mainly by being about the only one to concentrate on Raiding.  The scoring is so clever that, the more you dominate one aspect of scoring, the more you score for it.  Cool.  So, next game, if EVERYBODY goes mainly for Raiding, then the boons will be shared, nobody getting a big multiplier for their success at it - so setllement or sagas might score more for the one who aberrantly went for them alone ...  Cool!

      "Powerboats" was also brilliant.  Opposite end of the spectrum.  Fast without too much need for thinking, but fun.
      Interesting that NeilP and TomasP (who don't tend to like race games usually), both liked it too.  AndrewM won both of the first 2 races, then left the rest of us to fight for scraps of dignity in a tird race after he left.  In that third race, I achieved my best-ever :  I came second-last.

      Powerboats is already great.  George and I were wondering how we might even add to it in the LBGC style ... there are these buoys where, if you go through them, you can turn on the laser mounted on the front or back of your power-boat ... which means you can go blow someone out of the water rather than just menially try to overtake them ...  Oh, and the TEAM version would be ....  

      Anyway, it's already good.  I reckon it could be good for the "difficult" number of 7 players, too, as the start game ...

      It was fun.


      --- In lbgc@..., "George Young" <george.young9@...> wrote:
      > Well Bob it's been a while since I last made it to the Club and I hope this will be the beginning of my return... watch this space..
      > Had a great session with just 5 of us playing Fire and Axe (Viking Saga) which took a little longer than I expected but was a great game with plenty of theme, and a touch of "take that". This is a game that will definitely take a few plays to capture the strategy. Raiding seemed to pay off very well for Thomas although SAGA cards did seem to bolster the scoring significantly at the end, 10 points per card, hard to beat. I'm not sure the value of ports that are not part of a region?
      > We also played PowerBoats which is probably one of the better racing game I have played, although dice based it works extremely well. We did play with 2 Variants outside of the official rules which meant Boats would cause collisions and therefore the collision rules applied and allowed some nasty blocking.... also the layout of the route. I planned the first two routes but Bob's finished with a real twister for the final race.
      > I'll let Bob post the scoring if he gets chance...
      > Great session and one of the many reasons I enjoy the Club, relaxed, friendly, banter and obviously ME never winning a game... What more could you ask for....
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