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606TRR results after TWO games on August 16th

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  • Allan Mertner
    Aug 16, 2009
      After 4 months of not playing TRR, we today played no fewer than two games - and in spite of trying very hard to unseat Stuart F, he won both games and has if anything cemented his lead.

      So hats off to Stuart, who continues to be the luckiest TRR player I know :)

      The first game we played was the ice breaker, and had Stuart, Allan and Zoran as the Good Guys and Josep, Bob and Dave B as the Bad Guys. Stuart and Josep were captains, and after a fun and interesting battle-dance, the result came out to affect the 2009 and Eternal Leagues as follows:

      We then went on to play I'm the Boss (super-hilarious, fun, interactive game that Josep won convincingly) and a small interactive bidding game (the name of which now escapes me, but which Josep also won), before deciding on another round of Roborally to round off the day.

      For the second game, Dave B and Zoran swapped teams, but the rest of the team make-up remained the same. And once again, Stuart led (from the back this time :) his team to victory. The current league tables therefore look as follows:

      Thanks for the game, everyone! :)