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607Final TRR of 2009?

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  • amertner
    Dec 14, 2009
      Yesterday, we played two team games - first, Talisman/Team and then TRR. I think consensus was that there's a good reason why we tend to play TRR when we want a team game.

      With Stuart busy doing other things, the rest of us had a chance and ended up having a blast of a game, with 4 on each side. I was lucky enough to lead the Good Guys (Andrew, Richard and Michael Y), while Bob attempted to lead the Bad Guys (Felix, Zoran, Hannes).

      4-a-side TRR definitely works and is a blast! The additional robots means that there is a lot of mayhem and confusion, and in the end 3 of our 8 robots were shot to pieces - with a 4th robot belonging to Felix only just avoiding death the segment after the game ended.

      I have updated the 2009 and eternal league tables and posted them to the Photos area of the lbgc site as usual - and I think we can declare Stuart the undisputed champion in both leagues. Well done, Stuart! :)

      The new league table pictures are here: http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/lbgc/photos/album/69206578/pic/list

      Fortunately for the rest of us, 2010 is just around the corner and we'll start a new league then - when Stuart starting on 0 points just like the rest of us.

      See you in LBGC in 2010 :)