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610Team RoboRally results for 17 Jan 2010, first game of new season

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  • bobroscow
    Feb 12, 2010
      Game 25, of 17  Jan 2010  (Game 1 of 2010 season):

      It was a bloodbath.  And a lot of fun.  This one was four-per-team, 8 robots, and 4 robots didn't survive.

      It was the Old Guard vs the New Guard.  5 players hadn't played TRR before, but most of them had played ordinary RoboRally before -  maybe they didn't yet appreciate how lethal the game is ....

      AllanM led the Old Guard.  He was delighted that he had two TRR veteran record-holders on his team .... until he remembered what those records were for:  FelixK holding the record for longest streak of being on the losing side, and JeanH holding the record for fastest demise - he once killed himself off via a triple-board-laser, on the third card of the first turn.  Allan probably regarded new guy JohnG as his best asset.

      For the other team, all-new BenT, AndrewC, ScottA and TonyD, all of whom got the hang of moving/ordering easily, but maybe, in retrospect, weren't ready for just how lethal the game can be.  Or maybe how much luck you need.

      AllanM ended up planting the flag for the Old Guard, losing JohnG along the way (he still did his share before being killed, and still shared the win.

      FelixK and TonyD shot each other so much that TonyD ended up with a MVP point, but dead.

      Game 25 of  17 January 2010  (Game 1 of 2010 season):

      AllanM    Won, surv, planted flag, rainbow, killed AndrewC       8 pts

      FelixK     Won, surv,                                                             5 pts

      JeanH     Won, killed by AndrewC                                          4 pts

      JohnG     Won, killed by board                                               4 pts


      BenT        Lost, surv                                               1 pt

      AndrewC  Lost, killed JeanH, killed by AllanM           1 pt

      ScottA      Lost, surv                                               1 pt

      TonyD      Lost, MVP, killed by board                        1 pt

      So, Allan starts off the new season top with 8 pts, 3 pts ahead of Felix.  StuartF must be worried .....